Increase your profit with the new Zen and Zensia ranges

Azkoyen is introducing two new hot beverage vending machine ranges for the Table Top and Free Standing hot beverage segments. These new series stand out for their incredible design, increased autonomy, due to optimized product capacity, and the "Customixer" functions designed by Azkoyen to help operators increase the average price per service.

Customixer Functions

Zen Zensia

The Customixer functions are exclusively available in the Zen and Zensia ranges and let users choose the amount of coffee, milk and sugar in each service. This feature means you can develop new pre-selections to increase the average profit margin per service and it lets users customise their drink by choosing the amount of coffee, milk and sugar they would like.

- Extra coffee pre-selection: Increase the price per service in exchange for coffee with more body and flavour.

- Mild Coffee Pre-selection: Reduces coffee bean consumption without reducing the price. Particularly suitable for caffeine-sensitive consumers.

- Customixer Configuration: Win consumers' loyalty and increase the number of services per machine by letting users customise their own drink.

New Zen

Button Barista

Incredibly autonomous

Thanks to an optimized hopper configuration that makes the machine as autonomous as the number of cups, Zen can operate without assistance up to three times longer than similar models by competitors.

New Zensia

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The features of a barista

Zensia stands out at first sight thanks to its wonderful design, but also includes unbeatable features for a machine of its class, highlights being the Customixer functions, 700-cup autonomy and its electronic potential.

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