Large offices

An essential service

Offering a good coffee, soft-drink and food service to your employees is essential to ensuring their productivity. A vending area with a good coffee, soft-drink and snacks service becomes a meeting point and area of creativity and rest for your team.

Medium offices

The heart of the office

The vending area in your office is the place where the best ideas are born, where the most important conversations take place, or simply where employees restore their energy to keep on working. Discover a range of machines orientated at making this space more pleasant.

Small offices

A customised service

Vending also has its place in small offices, and it is important to offer your employees coffee and drinks services at a reasonable price. With machines specially designed for small spaces and management models that adapt to your business philosophy, such as pre-pay.


A well-deserved rest

Production lines must be perfectly synchronized, and this is why breaks are at the same time and of the same length for the whole team. Therefore, your coffee and snacks machines must be fast and perform well during periods of peak demand.

Waiting rooms

Offer a good service to your visitors

Offices and doctors' clinics, workshops and beauty salons all have waiting areas for clients and visitors. Making this wait more pleasant is vital to increasing users' satisfaction. Having a coffee or soft-drink and snacks machine can improve your service and be a good source of extra income.