Latest technology and a cutting-edge design

The Vitro range of professional coffee machines for catering and hotels is remarkable for its extraordinary design with angular shapes finished in smoked glass and chrome.

But the series really stands out for applying the latest Azkoyen and Coffetek technology for making hot beverages, such as espresso coffee and authentic tea brewed from tea leaves.

And it is also important to mention its functionality, as it incorporates important innovations that assist the management, maintenance and cleaning of the machine, helping to increase the productivity of your business.

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An incredible design for a surprising machine

The Vitro series attracts attention due to its contemporary, minimalist design that includes new technological trends. Its back-lit touch screen, patented by Azkoyen, creates a user interface that is simple, intuitive and interactive.

However, Vitro is much more than a designer machine. It includes the latest Azkoyen and Coffetek technology to make drinks with extraordinary flavour and quality, plus functions that increase productivity and profit.


Drinks that surprise you with their body, aroma and flavour.

Vitro has been developed to serve high quality hot drinks at the touch of a button.

The range incorporates and combines Azkoyen and Coffetek hot beverage production technology, from real, aromatic espresso coffee to delicious tea infusions brewed from real tea leaves.

Make your drink bigger at the press of a button

The Vitro series has a “”Go large”” function to make larger, coffee-shop-sized beverages.


Accessories to adapt Vitro to your business model.

Designed to make your operations more profitable, we have developed a complete range of accessories that let you adapt Vitro to your business model.

Among the most popular accessories are:

– Stand: Sturdy and elegant, it is available with or without a cup dispenser.
– Change-giver: For use in payment per service mode
– Cup-warmer: Perfect for maintaining the temperature of drinks in cups.
– Coffee Corner: An incredible case for providing a coffee vending service in places as varied as petrol stations and shops.


Easy to programme and maintain

All Vitro models have USB connectivity as standard that can be used to copy and paste programmes and accounting reports with ease.

In addition, programming and set-up is very easy thanks to its keypad with display integrated into the door.

The technology used by Vitro has proven reliability and durability; it is widely recognised in the demanding British market and will help you to reduce maintenance costs and increase the life of the machine.



Azk V10 Espresso Group

The renowned Azk V10 espresso group guarantees perfect distribution that maintains all the aroma and flavour, achieving coffee with a good body and consistent creaminess.

The secret of the Azk V10 unit is its perfect coffee pressing, holding back the water flow to enhance extraction of the organoleptic properties.

In addition to its outstanding operation, the Azk V10 group has proven for years that it is reliable and long-lasting.

– Increases the loyalty of your clients
– Increase the number of services per day

Grupo de Espresso Azk V10

Other elements highlighted


Online Technical Assistance

Online Technical Assistance

All solutions in a click!

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Online-Technical- Assistance


Online Technical Assistance

Azkoyen hosts a technical assistance website for all its clients and distributors with all the content necessary to be able to carry out suitable maintenance of Azkoyen machines.

Through this webpage it is possible to download new versions of software and firmware, download technical instructions for assembly and repair, download user manuals, exploded diagrams and other technical materials, as well as place orders for spare parts quickly and easily.

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Technical Training

Technical Training

Obtain the best performance

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Technical Training

Azkoyen offers training sessions for technicians and operators at its installations to improve maintenance and assistance with our machines, discover the most productive and profitable functions of our equipment and guarantee the best performance of our products for our clients.

Under specific circumstances, these sessions can also be run at the client’s installations.


Azkoyen Day to Day

Azkoyen Day to Day

Newsletter with practical information

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Azkoyen Day to Day

Azkoyen Day to Day is an electronic newsletter sent every two months to all our clients and the interested public. It contains practical information about obtaining the maximum benefits from our products in your vending service.

Some of our most important divisions provide information about accessories to increase profit, software functions to improve the management of our machines and trends and innovations relevant to the sector.

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Technical Notifications

Technical Notifications

Official notification service

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Technical Notifications

Se envían por correo electrónico importantes innovaciones tecnológicas a todos nuestros clientes. Estas notificaciones se envían con respecto a las actualizaciones de firmware, nuevas piezas de repuesto, nuevos kits y cualquier otra información importante.

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