Small, attractive and surprisingly autonomous

Zen may be small but it is incredibly productive for operators and attractive to consumers.

This range was designed to assist vending service operations, providing maximum autonomy of service with great reliability and durability, reducing management costs.

To consumers, it is a miniature café where they can enjoy an authentic espresso, just how they like it, in a matter of seconds, thanks to the Customixer function.

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Attractive and customisable: the centre of attention

The attractive design of Zen aims to grab the attention of potential consumers to increase the number of services per machine, particularly at public vending points.

The design is minimalist, ergonomic and intuitive and the machine is made from durable materials such as acrylic glass and cold-rolled sheet metal, and includes our exclusive back-lit touch keypad with screen effect.


– Catalogue of fronts
– Catalogue of decals
– Option of ordering customised items


Easy and fast to set up


All Zen models have a series of optimized, pre-installed service profiles to help set up the machine.

But if none of these profiles fits into your business model, you can fully programme the 12 buttons using our straightforward configuration software. All you have to do is connect your computer to the RS232 port on the machine.

To make it easier to upload programmes onto the Azkoyen Zen models, you are provided with a USB adaptor as an accessory to upload programmes quickly.


A good way to increase profitability

Autonomy is a key factor in the profitability of a vending service business. Reducing maintenance and re-stocking costs was fundamental to the development of the Zen series.

Zen was designed to provide real autonomy equivalent to the number of cups by optimizing coffee, milk and chocolate capacity.

Autonomy in days that is 3 times greater than that of competitors.

– Reduces costs of maintenance and re-stocking
– Increases number of points of sale per route without increasing costs.
– Increases profitability of the vending business.


Making your work easier is our main aim


There are dozens of factors that help to make a vending business successful, and they all depend on making the operator’s work easier.

The Zen range was designed to make your work easier, from installation and set up, to maintenance, programming, re-stocking the product and payment management.

Installation and programming are extremely straightforward thanks to the pre-installed profiles, and are also fully configurable due to the 12 programmable buttons and configuration software for PCs.

Cleaning and re-stocking the product is very fast and easy thanks to the folding cover, flat surfaces, removable waste tray and a front made from one piece.

Maintenance can be programmed thanks to an integrated alarm system.


The '3 Rs' rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Respect for the environment was a key factor when designing the Zen model. This is why we followed the ‘3 Rs’ rule: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce: We have reduced energy consumption as far as possible, obtaining A+ energy efficiency certification.

Reuse: Designed for conditioning, which lengthens the useful life.

Recycle: Made according to RoHS and WEEE European directives.

3 R; Reuse, recycle and reduce
Grupo de Espresso Azk V10


Azk V10 Espresso Group

The renowned Azk V10 espresso group guarantees perfect distribution that maintains all the aroma and flavour, achieving coffee with a good body and consistent creaminess.

The secret of the Azk V10 unit is its perfect coffee pressing, holding back the water flow to enhance extraction of the organoleptic properties.

In addition to its outstanding operation, the Azk V10 group has proven for years that it is reliable and long-lasting.

– Increases the loyalty of your clients
– Increase the number of services per day


VPTT Vending Performance Grinder

The VPTT grinder was developed specifically for the vending machine sector and its performance and durability are suitable for average demand points of sale.

Azkoyen has developed sensors that detect blockages and out of stock product to increase the proven reliability and durability of this grinder.

The VPTT grinder is the key to the Customixer functions because its doser can be timed so you can vary the coffee dose per service, providing the consumer with a hot beverage just how they like it.

– Increases coffee quality
– Enables the Customixer functions

Molino VPTT Vending Performance

Other elements highlighted


Online Technical Assistance

Online Technical Assistance

All solutions in one click!

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Online-Technical- Assistance


Online Technical Assistance

Azkoyen hosts a technical assistance website for all its clients and distributors with all the content necessary to be able to carry out suitable maintenance of Azkoyen machines.

Through this webpage it is possible to download new versions of software and firmware, download technical instructions for assembly and repair, download user manuals, exploded diagrams and other technical materials, as well as place orders for spare parts quickly and easily.

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Technical Training

Technical Training

Obtain the best performance

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Technical Training

Azkoyen offers training sessions for technicians and operators at its installations to improve maintenance and assistance with our machines, discover the most productive and profitable functions of our equipment and guarantee the best performance of our products for our clients.

Under specific circumstances, these sessions can also be run at the client’s installations.


Azkoyen Day to Day

Azkoyen Day to Day

Newsletter with practical information

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Azkoyen Day to Day

Azkoyen Day to Day is an electronic newsletter sent every two months to all our clients and the interested public. It contains practical information about obtaining the maximum benefits from our products in your vending service.

Some of our most important divisions provide information about accessories to increase profit, software functions to improve the management of our machines and trends and innovations relevant to the sector.

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Technical Notifications

Technical Notifications

Official notification service

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Technical Notifications

Important technological innovations are emailed to all our clients. These notifications are sent regarding firmware updates, new spare parts, new kits and any other important information.

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